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Propecia (Finasteride)
Tired of hiding your bald spot?

Propecia is a medicine which is used among men to avoid losing of hair. Nowadays hair loss is rather widespread problem among men, their hair becomes thinner and it usually leads to balding of their head. Many men are disturbed by this problem.
Propecia is a medicine which will help you to get your heir back. It is important to mention that this medical preparation can be used only by men, women and children canít use it.

Prevent future consequences

Before starting to take Propecia you have to ask medical expert if you really need it. The second step is to tell your doctor about all diseases you have and mention all tablets and herbs you take, also you can tell all the information you think will be important while prescribing you this medicine.
Your doctor should know if you have or had such diseases as:
  • 1 diseases of liver;
  • 2 problems with urination;
  • 3 disorder of bladder muscle;
  • 4 cancer;
  • 5 some allergies to medicine.

Taking these pills can may the possibility if obtaining cancer bigger. So before prescribing Propecia your doctor should know that there are no diseases and pills which may prevent the action of Propecia (finasteride).

Watch for side effects

The list of side effects which may appear while taking Propecia is not so big but there are some symptoms which you should remember because if you have them you will need an immediate medical hospitalization.
If you feel pain in your breast, your nipples are discharged and you noticed lumps in your breast you should call your doctor because these symptoms are the symptoms of breast cancer. Of course there is a range of less serious side effects which may occur:
  • less desire of having sex;
  • headaches;
  • depression;
  • flu or running nose;
  • weakness, etc.

These symptoms are common among people who take this medicine so you shouldnít worry if you have them.
And one more side effect you may have is allergic reaction. You will notice it immediately after taking the first pill. It will be hard to breathe, you may faint and your face and tongue may swell. If you have such symptoms you should tell your doctor about them and stop taking pills.


Before taking Propecia try to learn all about its interaction with the medicines you take or going to take, not to make harm for your health. There such kinds of pills which risk of interaction is bigger than the result you will have.

How to take Propecia pills?
Your health provider will give you prescription which you should follow.
Try to take Propecia at the same time every day, it will be easier for you not to forget to take it.
But even if you forgot to take donít take double doze, just keep taking pills as it is prescribed.
Having seen the results donít stop taking pills.
It can take you 3-4 month or even more before you notice the first results.
Propecia can be effective for a long period of time but only when you take it.
When you stop using pills your hair loss will probably start again.
You should constantly visit your doctor and consult with him, and he will do some tests to know if the medicine is working or damaging your health.